Mattress machinery manufacturers to introduce you when using foam safety measures

Mattress machinery manufacturers to introduce you when using foam safety measures

台山市舒力床具机械有限公司  2017/12/3 21:08:47

Bubble machine knowledge, Xiaobian also shared a lot for everyone, on a small series for everyone to introduce the foam cutting machine technology work on the need for knowledge about temperature, today we come to understand foam machine use When the safety measures are mainly what, for every day we need to operate foam machinery and equipment friends, these knowledge must be aware of. Understanding this knowledge is very important to our personal safety.

First, foam mechanical electrical equipment must be grounded well.

Second, the power supply voltage shall not exceed 10% of sponge machine electrical equipment voltage, so as to avoid electrical insulation aging damage.

Third, the sponge machine mounted wheel guard, belt guard, knife guard and so on in the foam machine work should be intact, shall not be arbitrarily removed.

Fourth, non-professionals should not open the electric box, otherwise it may cause personal injury. The sponge machine must be repaired by a qualified electrician. Maintenance foam machine should be in a power state, turn off all operating devices. Such as air pressure and hydraulics to prevent unintentional opening (and attach a yellow warning "Do not move the switch during maintenance.") Open the box should first check whether the power has been cut off, if it is necessary to live, should take appropriate security protection Measures to avoid the risk of electric shock.

Fifth, adjust the fuse fuse insurance, the current value should be the same as the original, not allowed to increase.

Sixth, the machine knife with the operation, the knife edge 300mm shall not stand in order to avoid accidents.

Seven, handling, lifting attention to the following objects may not stand in order to avoid accidents.

Eight, the machine fails, need to be repaired by a skilled mechanic.

Nine, the table moves, the above may not stand people, so as to avoid personal injury accident.

Ten, the process of moving, the belt, the chain, the knife belt and so on may not use the hand and other foreign objects to avoid the fatal injury and so on.

The above is about the use of foam machinery safety measures introduced. Zhongshan City, Shu Li Bed Machinery Co., Ltd. is a major production mattress machinery, sponge foaming machine, sponge cutting machine machinery and equipment companies to buy these devices, contact us.