Sponge cutting machine running with what are the basic characteristics?

Sponge cutting machine running with what are the basic characteristics?

台山市舒力床具机械有限公司  2017/11/17 0:53:31
Sponge cutting machine running with what are the basic characteristics?

In order to better meet the needs of customers, to provide more high-quality sponge cutting machine, my company after a long period of research and improvement, the supply of sponge cutting machine using the X-axis Y-axis subdivision stepper system, with three full Imported linear guide, the import of three-phase stepper motors, stainless steel iron cellular backplane platform, the circuit control system using DSP control technology, efficient and stable switching power supply, USB data transfer, the machine more work Stable, faster and more accurate.

It is also due to these prominent features sponge cutting machine to make it in the continuous development of various sectors of the current form can be widely used in handicrafts carving, leather carving and drilling, rubber printing plate engraving, electronic products sculpture, photographic images Carving, sculpture and other models of the higher precision carving industry. In addition, according to the introduction we can learn that the engraving cutting path optimization, to provide users with a variety of path optimization methods. Output when there are "walking frame" function, easy to find the release position, support for array output, and automatically covered table.

Sponge cutting machine is mainly used for cutting foam and other materials cut off, but also for the kind of wide format, roll material blanking for the kind of regular, die small, high-volume parts and components particularly applicable . Well, high-quality sponge cutting machine what kind of configuration? Sponge machinery manufacturers to introduce it.

1, sponge cutting machine, high efficiency, more accurate than the previous equipment, easier to promote, so easy to work.

2, cutting machine to promote baffle is the use of linear ball bearings as a guide.

3, the rack itself is more solid, improved stability, can effectively reduce the trembling at work.

4, the cutting machine is equipped with a shield designed to protect the sharpening motor, so that the safety of sharpening will be improved.