Automatic vacuum foaming machine

Automatic vacuum foaming machine

2017/11/4 9:24:30
Automatic vacuum foaming machine

It is composed of storage tanks, batching, mixing, vacuum, mould, and computerized controlling systems. It can be realized numerical control during the whole production. It is used for making all kinds of foam. Both of square & round blocks.


                     * Using the same pph of water, foaming density will be down: ≤30%


Reduce the chemical consumption, and save the foaming cost: ≤20%


* Suction and filtrate the foaming air. Environmentalist.


* Scout the whole foaming by wired television.


   * Flat top function. * Easy cleaning function.


* It can be realized numerical control with accurate and convenient ration during the whole production. And it becomes more easily and stable to operate the machine.