Auto Vacuum Foaming Machine With Top Pressing system

Auto Vacuum Foaming Machine With Top Pressing system

2019/8/31 16:01:31
Auto Vacuum Foaming Machine With Top Pressing system



SL-18VF Automatic vacuum foaming machine, adopt batching technology, foaming in vacuum condition. It is composed of storage tanks, batching, mixing, vacuum, mould, and computerized controlling systems. It can be realized numerical control during the whole production. It is used for making all kinds of foam.


         *Increasing 30% of the volume of the foam size by using the same raw materials.

         * Reduce the chemical consumption and production cost.

         * Suction and filtrate the foaming air. Environmental Protection.

         * Monitoring the whole process of foaming by CCTV .

         * Base plate can be Lifting automatically: it makes the sponge with uniform density and flat top by using this way.

         * Mixing drum&mold with telfon coating making them Easy to clean.

         * Execute numerical control with accurate and convenient ration during the whole production process.It allows the operation of the machine become easier and more stable.

         * Continuous foaming.

         * Flat top pressing device.


Max. Output
50 blocks/8 hours
Chemicals11 Components
Mold size2090(L)*2090(W)*1250(H)   Ajustable Width
Top pressing system
Ajustable Width ,Automatic lifting
Lifting platform speed≤3m/min
Max suction0.05MPa
Max. Power75KW