Cnc contour cutting machine

2017/11/16 13:58:23
Cnc contour cutting machine

Technical Specification:

Cnc contour cutting machine Model: SL-CC-1Z/T

Knife type: Vibrative blade

Table size: 2000mm x 2000mm

Max. cutting size: 2000mm×2000mm×1250mm

Max. vertical cutting speed: 14 m/min

Max. horizontal cutting speed: 14 m/min

Cutting precision: ±0.5mm

Pressing equipment: Pressing rollers

Machine size: 5100mm×3600mm×2060mm

Power: 7 KW

Weight: 1600KG

Product Description

Cnc contour cutting machine use the vibrative blade for cutting any angle. with various functions including contour cutting, peeling, horizontal cutting, vertical cutting and so on.

Drive by high accuracy AC servo motor for accurate and smooth pattern cutting and high efficiency.

Controled by Windows, could be added some drawing programs, or draw by AutoCad, easy operation.

Cnc contour cutting machine With 360° turning table.