Auto tape edge machine

2017/11/16 14:02:30
Auto tape edge machine

Technical Specification:

Auto tape edge machine Model: SL-08E

Machine size: 4000×2600×1400mm

Work table size: 4000×2000×800mm(adjustable)

Mattress thickness: 150mm - 300mm

Sewing speed: ≤9m/min (adjustable)

Angle of sewing head: 35°-55°

Lifting range of sewing head: ≤300mm (adjusted by motor)

Power of sewing motor: 0.37KW

Power of lifting motor: 0.37KW

Power of conveyer: 0.75KW×2

Power of the push motor: 0.75KW

Air pressure: 6 KGS/cm3

Weight: 1350KG

Product Description

Auto tape edge machine is mainly used for mattress tape sewing. The main advance is sewing head need not moving, but the lifting machine can turn angles to sew mattress of different thickness. 

Auto tape edge machine is equipped with 300U chain stitch sewing head and microcomputer controlling system imported from America. When producing, the conveyer can move forward, backward, turning 90 degrees or 180 degrees to sew the whole mattress automatically.