Mattress round side machine

Mattress round side machine

2017/11/16 14:02:42
Mattress round side machine

Technical Specification:

Mattress round side machine Model: SL-E

Speed of corner: 1-6.8m/min (adjustable)

Working angle of sewing head: 30°-55°

Speed of sewing: 6.5m/min(adjustable)

Mattress Thickness: 100-300mm

Lifting range of worktable: 140 mm

The whole machine dimension: 1950×1420×1650mm

Worktable size: 1420 X 1950 mm

Moving motor power: 0.75KW

Motor-upper & down power: 0.75KW

Working Voltage: 3-phase AC 380V

Weight: 520KG

Product Description

Mattress round side machine is working table is adopted high-strength independent bearing, stable working condition, motor upper and down the height of worktable. The rotary power supply is assembled in the machine.

Mattress round side machine is equipped with 300U chain stitch sewing head and microcomputer controlling system imported from America. It may change walking carriage's turning speed automatically, which make mattress sewing operation more convenient, fast and the finished turn-flange more beautiful.