Mattress covering machine

2017/11/16 14:02:56
Mattress covering machine

Technical Specification:

Mattress covering machine Model: SL-CV-B2

Main body size: 2760(L)*1170(W)*1690(H)(mm)

Input table size: 2360(L)*2000(W)*800(H)(mm)

Output table size: 2360(L)*1200(W)*735(H)(mm)

Mattress thickness: 100-380(mm)

Mattress width: 930-2200(mm)

Arm length: 430mm

Filling speed: 20m/min

Total weight: About 1500 kg

Efficiency: 2 sheets /min

Total power: 3.4 KW

Air pressure: 0.6MPa

Product Description

SL-CV-B2 Mattress covering machine is used for filling the cover of foam mattress and covering other similar mattress products by plastic. Adopted mode of belt conveyor, combined with the input table with motor and the output table without motor to finish the covering process. 

Both height adjustment and width adjustment are adopted electrical control, and also with the guide device driven by cylinders to make the covering mattress straight on the input table, make sure the mattress can be conveyed into the conveyor belts and cantilever arms straightly and smoothly. 

The operation of Mattress covering machine is very simple because of the advanced programmable logical controller and the touch panel. This machine takes the advantages below: stable performance, easy operation, smooth conveying, steady running, high efficiency, low noise and so on.