Auto pocket spring machine

2017/11/16 14:03:10
Auto pocket spring machine

Technical specification

Auto pocket spring machine Model: SL-12P

Max output: ≤75coils/min

Spring height: 100-150mm

Non-woven width: 340-460mm

Non-woven thinness: 60-90g/m2

Steel diameter: Φ1.8-Φ2.2mm

Spring diameter: Φ45-Φ60mm

Air pressure: 0.6Mpa 15L/min

Max power: 25kw

Machine Dimension: 2930mmx1160mmx1470mm

Wire holder: 1900mmx1100mmx1600mm

Weight: 2300kg

Product Description

SL-12P Auto pocket spring machine is special using in producing small specification of pocket spring. Adopt middle welding method, logically reduce the production processes, most movements of Auto pocket spring machine adopt the high accuracy servo motor control. It works accurately, simple mechanism, fewer breakdowns. The machine with series protect function, it's easy to maintain.