Auto pocket spring production line

Auto pocket spring production line

2017/11/16 14:03:24
Auto pocket spring production line

Technical specification

Product efficiency: 70 coils / min.

Spring diameter: End ¢45-60mm; Center¢60-80mm

Spring Height: 80-120mm  / 120-180 mm  / 160-220mm

Steel wire diameter: ¢1.8-2.2mm

Top and bottom non-woven: With and without

Max. Power: 32KW

Space dimension (L x W x H) : 9500 x 3000 x 1850mm

Weight: 4000kgs

Product Description

SL-12PA Auto pocket spring production line is made up of SL-12P Pocket spring machine and SL-08A Auto pocket spring assembling machine.

Adopted automatic technique, it can finish all the process of production from pocket spring to mattress.

Auto pocket spring production line advantage: easy to operate, high efficiency and lower noise.

The production line is compact so it can reduce the impropriate space in the workshop. Compare to other pocket spring production line, our machine has a fairly high cost performance.

The production line is controlled by servo motor, so it will be accurate and fluent with high stability.

The control parameter can be setting by customer for the diversification demand.

Auto stop when run out materials.

With CE certificate.