Pocket spring assembling machine

Pocket spring assembling machine

2017/11/16 14:03:34
Pocket spring assembling machine

Technical specification

Dimensions: 3500mm×2500mm×1750mm

Pocket Height: 100-150mm

Spring Diameter: ∮45-65mm

Max. working width: 2200mm

Gluing type: Interrupted,continuous ,or bit by bit

Non-woven width: ≤2200mm

Non-woven: ≥50g/m2

Max non-woven diameter: ∮400mm

Working efficiency: 3row/min(45pcs/row)

Air pressure: 6KGS/cm3

Power: 4.5kw

Weight: 950kg

Product Description

. SL-13A Pocket spring assembling machine is a new model which is with high efficiency by using a more humanization design and easy operation,

. Pocket spring assembling machine using the inverted triangle fixed plate, to make sure each pocket spring in the right position

. The traditional time delay spring positioning has replaced by the orientation of distance, to make it more accurate.

. Achieve straight pattern and honeycomb type mattress;

. With up and down non-woven assembly function;

. Non-woven could be cut automatically after assemble one mattress;