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PU Foam Cutter Automatically Cutting Equipment Machine Latex foam Saw with both Horizontal and Vertical

Product Description
Automatic Horizontal & Vertical Cutting Machine uses the circle blade for high speed cutting. It can be used for both of Horizontal & Vertical cutting.
. Driven by high accuracy motor for accurate cutting and high efficiency.
. With 360° turning-lifting table
it is easy to operate, high efficiency , the machine can customerized. high accuracy ,
It is used to cut plastic, pu foam,mattress foam, one SL-20HV is equal to one set of horizontal foam cutting machine +one set vertical cutting machine. this machine is not expensive and strong practicality  
big foam cutting machine  
Model No.
Formulation function
Fully Automatic
Knife type
Circle blade
Table size
Max.cutting size
Max vertical speed
Max horizontal cutting speed
Total power
cutting precision
External size of machine
big foam cutting machine
vertical cutting machine foam
vertical cutting machine foam
vertical foam cutting machine
Direction for use
1. Before we start the sponge cutting machine, we should check in detail that the fasteners should not be loose, and the grinding
wheel should not be damaged or broken. During the work, we should pay attention to check the grinder stop at any time, and often
oil the oil injection hole to do a good job of lubrication.
2. This machine adopts three-phase four-wire system of 380V power supply. The way to connect the power is four-phase bolt.
3. Turn on the power to the sponge cutting machine.Close the switch on the handle and let the machine air for 2 minutes.At the
same time, the rotation direction of the grinding wheel should be consistent with the direction indicated.
vertical foam cutting machine  
  • Description of application effect

1. Do not operate the sponge cutting machine unless you have been trained to master the operation skills.If you want to operate to
get the department production supervisor or responsible for...
2. Before work, the labor protection shall be fully dressed, the cuffs and skirts shall be tied tightly, and the mask shall be
well worn to prevent dust inhalation.
3. Check all mechanical parts (such as sponge machine knife belt, table top, screw, chain, motor, switch button, etc.) before
machine operation.
4. Crack, not smooth, missing teeth and blunt teeth and rusty blade can not be used.The power must be cut off when replacing the
5. Check whether the protective baffle is complete and effective. It shall not be disassembled arbitrarily, and the movable
protective baffle shall not be moved at will.  
horizontal foam cutting machine  
Detailed Images
It adopts two steps mixing with low-pressure and high-speed. This can make the foam’s air hole fine and smooth. It presets cycle cooling and automatic cleaning functions.  
horizontal foam cutting machine  
foam cutting machine  
foam cutting machine  
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The machine will be packed by PVC film or wooden case.
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Cutting Equipment Machine  
After Sales Service
Cutting Equipment Machine  
2 engineers will be sent to install the machine and train the workers. Installation time will last about 30 days. The buyer must guarantee our enginner's personal safety during the stay. The installation fee can be paid after finish installation.  
Company Introduction
Softlife Mattress Machinery Co., Limited is a professional company for foam machines, mattress machines and sewing machines over 20 years, which locates in Taishan City, Guangdong Province, P. R. C. Our company is designed as landscape style, occupying an area 21000m2. Our products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Euro, South America, Africa and so on. "No the best, only better" is our working target. We always keep on offering better and better product and service.
Company website:     
Pu Foam Cutter Automatically  
Latex foam saw level  


Our Services & Strength

All our products are strictly tested before selling, to make sure that our products are in best working order. Meanwhile, our
strong technical team is dedicated to improve our products. Most of our products have adopted numerical control system, which increases productivity and ensure that our customers can benefit a lot from our products. To always offering comprehensive after-sale service to our customers.  
Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacture factory?
A:We are manufacture factory which is professional for foam machinery,mattress machinery.

Q:What is your website?
A:Our website

Q: How about after-sales service and machine service?
A: Softlife Mattress Machinery Co.,Ltd will send professional engineers to final customer’s factory for machine installation ,commissioning and carefully working training . The final customer will afford related cost .

Q: This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
A:We will send you manual and guide video, it can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can not learn how to use it, we can talk by phone, email or other contact ways such as wechat ,whatsapp and etc.

Q: If there are some problem occur in my place, how could I do?
A:We could send parts to you if machines have any problem.You can also contact us,then we will guide you until the machines in normal operation.

Q:What is the warranty and quality of this machine?
A:Warranty normally 1 years.

Q: What's the package?
A: PVC Film packaging+wooden case,or PVC Film+container(according to customer’s requirements.

Q: What is the shipping cost from China to my country?
A: It depends on the distance between you and the sea port. We offer door to door service as long as you pay the relevant cost. For the shipping cost you can ask for our advice or from the freight forwarder.

Q: Where is your factory located? How can I get there?
A: Our factory is located in Taishan,Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province,China. You can fly to Baiyun Airport,Guangzhou City,then take a Airport Express to Taishan. We can pick you up at Taishan Airport Express Station.

Q: Is there any after sales service?

A: We have integrated after sales service. Besides our own experienced engineers, we also offer local after sales service through the help of our agents. All this will make you convenient.  

Latex foam saw level

Pu Foam Cutter Automatically

Cutting Equipment Machine


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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