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CNC Continuous Foam Production Line Batching Machinery


 CNC Continuous Foaming Long Block Production Line

commercial foam machine  

This machine can be used for continuousproducing Flexible Polyurethane Foam(maxfoam), which density is 9~50KGS/M³. It can be automatic cutting the foam into difference sizes which is according to client’s requirement. It can be realized numerical control with accurate and convenient ration during the whole production. It becomes more easily and stable to operate the machine.

           Computerized control system

It can be realized numerical control during the whole production. It is very easy to operate with its humanization consideration design. It is able to store 100 formulations in advance.

           Automatic formulation function

The computer can be automatic to generate formulation for your reference and calculate the dosage of material if you input the density and color which you need. The computer can be automatic to check if the formulation is correct when you give the input of material.

           Costing function

The computer can be automatic to display the input of chemical material and the output of foams in each foaming produce.

           Printing function

All information including the formulation, the input of chemical material and the output of foams can be printed. The exact data can be used to strengthen management.

           Electronic metering system

The metering system is adopted the advance electronic metering pumps fromU.S.A. and the monitoring equipment. Through computer, it can displayformulation’s dosage of 12 groups’ chemical material and actual supply in figure ordiagram. The metering system can be automatic to adjust it with great precisionwhen the actual supplycannot meet the formulation requirement. It is the base toproduce the good foam and to reduce the unnecessary wastage with this function.

           High speed mixing system

It adopts two steps mixing with low-pressure and high-speed. This can make thefoam’s air hole fine and smooth. It presets cycle cooling and automatic cleaningfunctions.

           Adjustable oven system

The width of two moving side wall can be adjusted for producing differencewidth foam. The height of six steps raising platform can be adjusted for producingdifference density foam.

           Automatic cutting system

It is computerized control. It can be changing the cutting length in any time. Thedegree of accuracy can be equal or less than 1mm.

           Automatic thermostat apparatus (optional)

It can maintain the suitable temperature of chemical material in order toproducing high quality foam.

Technical Specification:





Foaming type

Trough foaming/Spray foaming

Speed of mixing

≤5000rpm/ min

Over length


Fall plate

6 steps total 6.25M

Conveyor length


Foam width


Foam height


Foming speed


Max output


Total power




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Cnc Continuous Sponge Machine

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Thank you for giving me an opportunity to let you know more about our company:  
Our factory was built in 2007, which locates in Taishan City,Guangdong Province . It is a landscape styles working place, where is occupied an area 21000 square maters. We have the ownership of the plant and building, hope it can give you more confident for choosing us. Out products are mainly exproted to Southeast Asia,Middle East,South America,Africa and so on. For better service, we always offering comprehensive after-sale service to all clients.    

"No the best , Only Better" is our working target, we hope that our expertise can provide users with better quality products and services.  

Continuous batching foaming mechanism

Cnc Continuous Sponge Machine

Sponge Making Machine


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