Bubble machine common solutions to problems

Bubble machine common solutions to problems

台山市舒力床具机械有限公司  2017/11/17 0:53:11

Such as foam machine mechanical working environment is more harsh, so there is a greater likelihood of problems. So once there is a problem how to solve it

Foam machinery in the operation of some problems that will appear solution!

1, knife box overheating, this is mainly due to the boot time is too long or cut the density of cotton is too high caused by the solution: Adjust the knife box and the knife in the plane with a straight knife level, hand can easily turn as well, The knife edge is located 10-6 mm beyond the knife box, and the knife box is replaced when necessary.

2, sharpening motor vibration serious, this depends on the wheel circumference is flat, sharpening motor shaft is bent, if necessary, replace the motor shaft

3, Knife wheel buzzing, approach: the wheel surface dirt is too thick? If it is, with a fine emery cloth to remove dust on the surface, the passive wheel bearing bit whether the oil tensioner too loose? Pull Tight knife belt, knife with positive and negative should be in the middle of the wheel is prevail, the knife with the installation location is not accurate? Check the level of knife belt, check the knife holder is sharp knife;

4, cut the cotton wool serious, check the knife is sharp; knife with no roll mouth phenomenon. Whether the belt with the phenomenon of beating; interface is smooth, whether the surface of the wheel to keep clean, work platform is smooth; whether the track is kept clean, the clamp remains tightened state.